A sump pump is designed to stand inside a hole with a base of gravel. This hole is also known as the sump pit. That pump sits about two feet down in the ground. Therefore, the sump pit is dug in the lowest area of a crawlspace or basement. Pump repair contractors are often called to fix sump pumps as well as other pumps that no longer work. These other pumps may include jetted pumps or turbine pumps. A sump pump usually features a centrifugal design.

How a Sump Pump Works

When the aforementioned sump pit fills with water, the sump pump is switched on. In turn, the pump directs the water through pipes that run from the home to an area where the excess liquid can be drained. The pipe normally features a valve known as a check valve. This one-way valve keeps the water from returning to the pit. Companies such as All Tech Water make sure the pump and check valve are operational.

Getting the Needed Advice

Pump repair contractors often advise homeowners to have a pump installation if the pump they are using is no longer functional. Therefore, if the pump technician feels that a repair will not fix your pump problem, he or she will suggest that you have your current pump replaced.

That is why pump repair contractors insist that you have your sump pump regularly inspected and checked. After all, the sump pump is designed to keep an area from flooding. If the sump pump does not work, you can expose your home to such problems as water damage, mildew, or mold.

A sump pump normally is powered by electricity and comes in one of two styles. A submersible pump rests in waterproof housing in the water, while a pedestal pump rests above the water. Often homeowners prefer the pedestal model as it is less expensive, even though it tends to be a bit noisy.

Needless to say, if you need to repair a sump pump or another pump in the home, it pays to have the number of a pump repair company handy. You never know when you will need to call a technician out to prevent a flood in your home.

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