Talk to ten different chefs about their favorite pieces of restaurant cooking equipment and you are likely to get ten different answers.  Though there are some pieces of equipment so standard that you are likely to find them in almost every restaurant, cooking style, type of cuisine, and personal preference all influence the type of cooking equipment needed for each commercial kitchen.  However, especially if a restauranteur has not previously equipped a kitchen, it can be challenging for someone to determine what equipment they need to fully-equip a restaurant kitchen without overstocking it.

Knowing what type of cooking equipment you want in a kitchen is only the first step; the next step is to decide what brands you will use when outfitting your kitchen.  You may wonder if the brand you choose is important, especially if you have not cooked on multiple types of equipment.  However, experienced chefs know that restaurant equipment has a direct impact on the quality of food served.  You may wonder why, but it is no secret that reliable equipment means reliable cooking temperatures.  Reliable cooking temperatures not only mean no burned food, but also that you can ensure that all food that comes out of your kitchen has been cooked to the proper temperature for food safety.

One of the ways we ensure reliability at Automatic Ice Maker is by selling some of the best brands in the business: Hoshikazi, American Range, Beverage Air, Continental, Excellence, Fogel, Follett, Howard-McCray, Howe, Infrico USA, Leer, Master Bilt, Sure Col, and Systems IV.  In addition to restaurant cooking equipment, we also offer ice makers, freezers, refrigeration equipment, and display cases.  We offer the same great range of brands in our used and new restaurant equipment sections, and our expert salespeople can help you decide what you need to outfit the kitchen of your dreams.

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