Hair is an important feature that drastically affects a person’s appearance. In order to maintain a beloved look or try something completely different, clients want to know that they are in good hands. When it comes to trying out a new Hair Salon in Hawaii, it is important to ask several questions before getting started with the service.

Can you maintain the current cut?

For those uninterested in trying something new, it is important to make sure that a hair stylist isn’t going to make drastic changes or try something new. If the goal is maintenance, make sure that is clearly understood from the very beginning. No one sitting in a salon chair wants a surprise.

What suggestions do you have about the style/color?

If trying something new is the goal, ask for some suggestions. Don’t be afraid to show a picture and ask if it is a reasonable request. Sometimes, cuts that look great on the page don’t always translate into a cut that is ideal for a person’s face shape.

How hard is this look to maintain?

The difficult surprise in the salon chair is second only to the surprise of getting home and finding out that it is next to impossible to keep up with the look! Before the scissors come out, ask how much time it will take to style the hair at home. This is a great way to decide whether or not this change is something that will fit into your current schedule.

What products are needed?

Outside of the time it takes to keep up with the hairstyle; it is a good idea to find out if certain products are necessary to recreate the look at home. A Hair Salon in Hawaii will have various products to choose from and should be able to recommend something that will work perfectly with the cut and color.

Seeing someone new for a haircut can be scary and a little intimidating. In order to feel more comfortable, don’t be afraid to ask questions and reduce the number of surprises along the way. If you need a new look and want to try a new salon, look at more info and set up your appointment.

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