Real Estate is any real property that includes land and structures on it and/or crops, water, minerals, and other natural resources. People invest in real estate for personal or business reasons all the time. Real Estate law is a relatively complex area of the law that often requires legal services. A Real estate attorney Washington Indiana can help with commercial real estate, zoning or land issues, mortgage fraud, clear title issues, and other issues that revolve around this industry. The following will provide you with basic information about how a lawyer can be beneficial in this area of law.

Titles and Contracts

Lawyers can read and review real estate contracts to ensure it is legal, clear, concise, and worded properly for your protection. They also review titles and can help ensure no problems arise in the future regarding the property’s title. Lawyers also monitor the dates and requirements on contracts so no delays or problems with a transaction can occur.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud can be avoided when you use an attorney to review and monitor contracts and perform title checks. However, sometimes people may still get away with this kind of fraud and you will need help from an attorney to fight for your rights and deal with infringements, breaches, and problems with contracts when necessary.

Commercial Property

A Real estate attorney Washington Indiana service can help handle transactions or issues concerning commercial properties. They are usually involved in protecting the property but they also help with lease enforcement, evictions, rental agreements, security issues, and other issues that may arise in the commercial property arena.

Zoning and Land Use

Land can be zoned as commercial, residential, agricultural, or whatever other category the land use falls under. Zoning is usually done accordingly, but can be complicated in some areas. Zoning and land use requires that people get the proper permits, licenses, and renewals as needed on the property. If legal complications arise in this area lf the law, an attorney can help you understand it better and help with the issue.

These are a few areas of real estate law where an attorney would be a valuable resource for all parties concerned. If you own land in the Washington, Indiana area, the Feavel Law Office can help you if you experience any legal issues involving your property. They have been providing legal services in this area since 1994.

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