When most people think about a career in the arts, they think about the person that produces or performs the art. Yet, others work behind the scenes to ensure that the business aspects are handled properly. Those who have the education and training in art management handle the day to day activities of museums, symphonies, galleries, performing art centers, or any other company that centers on art-related efforts. Here are the reasons the management role is extremely important in today’s art scene.


With the rise of social media, artists can promote their work and showcase their talent to a broader audience than ever before. But, artists will still need organizations like galleries, record labels, and theaters to make money. Professionals with an

arts management degree can ensure that the artist is displaying their work in the best possible way. The manager can walk the fine line of allowing the artist to freely express themselves but in ways that will generate necessary earnings.

Business Acumen

Art in any form can be a powerful way to cultivate ideas, comment on social issues, and bring out the beauty of the world. With the venues and spaces that allow artists to present their work, there must be a system in place to ensure these companies make enough money to stay in business. Therefore, they add employees with an arts management degree to handle the budget and develop strategies that will keep the company profitable.

To get started on an arts management degree, visit the school of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). By viewing their website at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, you will find what you need to get started right away.

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