Used cars make for an economical and smart purchase. Costs and fees are considerably less even though the car is just as reliable. There are many benefits to buying a used car without losing style or quality. Below are some reasons why buying pre-owned vehicles are better than buying new.

Purchase Price

Buying a used car has less of a monetary impact than buying a new car. Depreciation happens the moment you drive the car off the lot. You lose thousands of dollars just within your first mile. If you buy used, the car still depreciates, but at a much slower rate. Plus, the initial purchase price is considerably less when buying a car that is just a couple of years old.

Dealer Fees

Dealer fees and advertising fees can add up quickly when purchasing a new car. These fees are standard in all new car purchases and drives up the total price paid out of pocket. When buying used, the fees applied only pertain to those that get you legally driving on the road through the DMV. Registration and associated fees are less than all the fees paid while buying new.


The selection provided today of used cars rivals that of new inventory. You can buy almost any make and model manufactured for a fraction of the sticker price. The reliability of the cars is just as great as buying new if you go through a reputable dealer. Buying used cars in the area, such as Ford used cars in Wheeling will provide you with quality selection without sacrificing excellence.

The condition of used cars available through dealers are top notch. The vehicles, while in their inventory, are regularly maintained and inspected to ensure a worthy product. Also, you can purchase a used car with a limited warranty which can take away any insecurity that comes with a purchase this large.

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