Finding the right care for pets when owners are out of town can be a challenge. Having a neighbor check in on the pets, hiring an in-home petsitting service, or taking the pets to a boarding facility are all good options. However, there are five great reasons that Dog Boarding in Lorton VA is a great choice when it comes to getting quality care for pets: safety, medications, health monitoring, consistent feeding, and exercise.


Homes and yards are rarely as secure as people imagine. Pets may escape to try to find owners or because of confusion related to disrupted schedules. Also, housekeepers, gardeners, landlords, and meter readers may enter a home or yard and fail to properly shut gates or doors, allowing pets to escape. Boarding facilities provide more secure accommodations, ensuring pets are contained and properly supervised.


Many pets require daily medications. It is often important for pets to get medications at the same time each day. At a boarding facility, there are workers present to constantly monitor pets, and they can administer medications at a pet’s normal time.

Health Monitoring

Another benefit of boarding pets is knowing that they will be constantly supervised. Petsitters, whether professional or amateur, often only check in on pets a few times a day. They may not immediately notice if a pet is experiencing health problems. Also, pet sitters may not be qualified to assess the seriousness of a pet’s health condition or determine when a pet needs medical attention.

Consistent Feeding

Boarding helps ensure that pets are fed consistently. Many pets go off of their eating schedules when their owners leave town. However, leaving food and water available for open feeding does not ensure pets will be fed because they may spill their food or water.


Many pets are accustomed to daily exercise. This is important for a pet’s health, but it may also be important to the safety and security of the things in your home. Pets without exercise may be destructive because they are bored or full of energy. In a boarding facility, owners can ensure pets get daily exercise and recreation.

Keep Pets Safe and Happy

To keep pets safe and happy while their owners are away, choosing Dog Boarding in Lorton VA from Crosspointe Animal Hospital is a great option. Visit them to find out more information. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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