Considering sending your child to a public, private, or Christian High School in Whittier CA? While each option has its own merits, the last offers several advantages. Here, Heights Christian Schools shares some ways that a Christian private school can benefit a child. These are all things that should be considered when deciding about the future of a child.

Shared Values

A Christian school will share the same values as the families of the students that attend. The staff will hold the students to high moral standards and teach them to live with kindness, integrity, and diligence. Even those not necessarily in it for the religious aspect will find that when their children acquire these qualities, they grow into amazing young adults.

Healthy Environment

Being certain that a child is in a safe environment is a top priority for parents. While public schools are able to take a limited amount of discipline when it comes to alcohol, drugs and other unsafe practices, a private school can offer more regulations. When students cross a line, the school will address the heart of the issue, rather than simply the actions. Problems with bullying are taken seriously, so students can feel safe when they are at school. They will end up making great friends that they will likely keep in touch with for years to come.

High Standards for Academics

Traditionally, the church has always valued education. Raising thoughtful, hardworking children is the priority. Private Christian schools tend to be more rigorous than public schools, resulting in higher test scores and college acceptance rates.

Christian Role Models

Students will benefit from solid biblical teaching at a Christian school, as teachers foster an understanding of the gospel and encourage young minds to grow spiritually. By having a positive Christian role model or mentor, will demonstrate to students how to live according to God’s word.

Those looking for a Christian High School in Whittier CA, Heights Christian Schools has been a partner with parents who unite school with home and church since 1981. They are a well-established school system with several locations. Schedule a tour today.

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