Visiting a kids dentist in Naperville is important for all children, however, it is crucial that your child gets regular dental checkups and cleanings if he or she has been diagnosed with hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar. Hyperglycemia occurs with diabetes and can raise your child’s risk for a number of oral problems. Here are some reasons why your diabetic child needs regular dental checkups.

Higher Gingivitis Risk

Hyperglycemia causes high concentrations of glucose to develop inside the oral cavity. When this happens, it causes bacteria to grow. Oral bacteria can raise your child’s risk for gingivitis, or gum disease.

If not recognized and treated, your child may develop periodontitis, a severe type of gum disease that can destroy the underlying bones of the gums. It can also cause prolonged bleeding of the gums when your child brushes and flosses, and may also heighten the risk for tooth loss.

Fungal Infections

When blood sugar levels are elevated, your child may be more likely to develop an oral fungal infection. If your child develops white patches on the tongue, inner cheeks, or throat, make an appointment with a kids dentist in Naperville.

These symptoms are indicative of a fungal infection, which will need to be treated with an antifungal oral rinse or medication. If your child experiences pain or burning from the white patches, a mild salt water rinse may help keep him or her more comfortable.

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