If a person gets injured in a car accident in the Commonwealth of Virginia, they could end up paying for the injuries sustained. This is because Virginia employs a harsh rule called “contributory negligence”, which states that if the injured party in an accident is even one percent at fault, no damages will be awarded to such person. A car accident injury lawyer in Madison, VA understands this and helps clients with getting awarded damages. The following are some reasons why injured parties may need a car accident injury attorney.

Reasons Parties Injured in Virginia May Need an Attorney

It is particularly hard for people injured in a car accident or any other accident to get compensated because of the harsh rule Virginia applies. Without an attorney, it will be very difficult to get compensation from the courts or the other party involved. With an attorney, the injured party has a legal representative who is familiar with all of the paperwork that may be required during the lawsuit. The attorney also understands the legal jargon that often comes up in such cases, which will be to the client’s advantage.

More Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Law Attorney in Virginia

A car accident law attorney will also be able to gather information for the client with investigators on staff to get anything that will be of help to the client. Finally, the attorney can be a source of encouragement to the client when it seems that the claim will not succeed, which can go a long way in keeping a client’s morale up. Most likely, the attorney will be working on a contingency, so they will not take the case unless there is a good chance of winning.

Attorneys in Virginia to Help with Car Accident Lawsuit

There are many attorneys who are willing to take a car accident lawsuit case if the case looks good. Gayheart and Willis are attorneys in the Madison, Virginia area who take such cases for clients in need of help. People in need of a car accident injury lawyer in Madison, VA can contact these attorneys at their website: www.gayheartandwillis.com.

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