There are times when you find yourself in a plumbing emergency. The need can’t wait and has to be addressed as soon as possible. When you are in such times, and you live in New Jersey, there is a plumbing business that does Drain Cleaning in Margate. They want to tell you the major items that cause your drains to clog in the first place.

Generally, anything that you could possibly squeeze into a drain can potentially clog it up. What you are after are those items that do not go all the way through and therefore get stuck in the drain. These are some of the problems experienced that plumbers have had to come out to repair.

* Hair seems to be the number one culprit. For one reason or another, people don’t seem to be too concerned about hair going down the drain. “After all, it is just a little bit”, they reason. But all it takes is hubby allowing his beard shavings to go down the drain, coupled with wifey’s constant washing of her long locks. After a while, you have a hairball that even kitty couldn’t cough up. Use a drain filter to catch the hair attempting to go down your drains.

* Grease is another major partner in the clogging crime. Grease, as you know, cakes up when it is dried. Some people think pouring the liquid cooking oil down the kitchen drain is just going to keep going, but over a period of time, it cakes and clogs your drain. Use grease cans for the disposal of your unwanted grease.

* Paper is a third problem with clogged drains, most especially the wrong kind of paper in the toilets. It is important to remember that only toilet paper, not paper towels, not napkins, but only toilet paper breaks down properly to be flushed. Even then, too much of that will clog the drains also.

Ben Franklin Plumbers is a plumbing business that provides services in the Margate, Egg Harbor Township, and Ventnor areas of New Jersey. They provide emergency plumbing repair, general plumbing and repair, leak detection and repair, and of course, drain cleaning and repair. If you need Drain Cleaning in Margate, NJ or the surrounding areas, you can call upon them. You can visit their website and discover this info here.

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