Spider veins plague many people, leaving tiny, twisted marks on their bodies. Most often, these veins are found on the legs, although they can be located elsewhere on occasion. Over time, these veins can become large and unsightly, causing people to have them removed. Spider Vein Removal Schaumburg IL is a relatively short process, but there are some steps to recovery that patients should follow.

Wear Compression Stockings

There are compression stockings available that assist with reducing pain from medical conditions. Rather than wearing regular socks, people who have just undergone a vein removal should wear these specialized stockings instead. They provide support and comfort, and will eliminate some of the pain that is felt after the removal has been completed.

Avoid Exercise

Regular exercise routines should not be completed post-removal. The legs will need time to heal and recover, and strenuous exercise will not allow them to do so. Squatting and bending should especially be avoided.

Walk Regularly

While strenuous exercise is off limits, walking at a normal pace is not. In fact, patients who just had veins removed should be walking regularly. The pace should be normal, or even a little bit slower, and not too fast. Regular walking will allow blood to flow through the legs and ensure they do not go stiff. Remaining in one position for more than a couple of hours is also not recommended. Getting up and moving is the best possible decision.

Follow-Up Visit

A couple of weeks after the procedure, a follow-up visit should be scheduled. This visit will allow the physician to look at the impacted area and determine if further treatment is necessary. It will also help the physician to determine whether or not a blood clot has formed and ensure they have time to remove it if it has.

A Spider Vein Removal Schaumburg IL will drastically reduce the appearance of spider veins on the legs. For those with unsightly veins or who have pain in their legs due to the spider veins, a removal is often a necessary procedure. The removal itself will not be a lengthy process, but each patient will need to take time to recover once it is over. Those with spider veins currently considering removing them should visit us for more information on the process and all it entails.

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