One of the lessons of history has been that society cannot continue to consume more and more resources without considering the impact on the environment. Much effort has been extended to ensure a brighter ecological future through recycling. Most Americans have in addition to their weekly trash can pickup, a separate receptacle designated for paper or cardboard. In many states customers pay a deposit on their plastic bottles. Newspapers are collected for re-use. Tree clippings and yard debris are composted into mulch. But nowhere will this effort have more impact than through metal recycling. In 2010 over 54 million metric tons of ferrous metal were recycled.

Metal recycling is a rewarding effort for both home and business. You may find old pieces of construction materials littering your back yard; perhaps several pieces of pipe or broken equipment. You may have a non-running vehicle that has been in your back yard for years. Your yard will look better and you will feel like you have contributed to a cleaner earth if you recycle that metal. V. Garofalo Carting Inc. can furnish you with the appropriate size container for your needs, from 6 to 40 yards. Container service includes drop off and pick up. Your business may be remodeling or planning an addition. Metal recycling in an appropriate sized container can be a welcome addition to your construction plans. You may be demolishing old buildings prior to a land sale or new development. Metal recycling can add some cash to your project. Call when you need a Dumpster.

Reclamation of metals includes brass, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, lead and heavy and light steel. Services also provide for removal of old and non-running automobiles, computer boards and car and industrial batteries. V. Garofalo Carting Inc. provides a towing service for removal of buses, trucks and cars. We purchase everything from large trailers of metal items to a single bag of aluminum cans. A state of the art shredder processes your metals which are accepted on site at either the Nassau County, NY. For your convenience consider your own Dumpster in Nassau County, NY.

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