The best way to ensure that your furnace operates efficiently is by arranging an annual scheduled tune-up. Regardless of whether you have a preventative maintenance plan or you opt for an annual tune-up, the purpose is the same; to extend the life of your furnace, avoid furnace failure, improve operating efficiency and reduce, or at least maintain operating costs.

A furnace in Carol Stream is no different from any other piece of mechanical equipment; it is subject to wear and component failure. Arranging for preventative maintenance is far better than having your furnace fail at the worst possible time.

What does a Furnace Tune-up Include?

There is a lot included in a furnace tune-up; the technician inspects the system in its entirety, run tests, make adjustments, clean the system and if necessary, replaces any components that have failed or are about to do so. Some of the tasks that performed during the tune-up are:

  • Complete inspection: A visual inspection of the heating system, including the furnace and the heat distribution system, is carried out. A skilled technician can identify any areas of concern. Lubrication of all moving parts and a thorough cleaning is done during the inspection.80
  • Safety check: The technician runs tests to ensure there are no gas leaks and checks airflow for potential carbon monoxide problems. The electrical system is inspected, all wire connections are tightened, and controls are inspected to ensure proper function.
  • Furnace operation: The fuel ignition system is tested, and the temperature differentials between supply and return vents are measured. The thermostat is calibrated, and the contacts will be inspected.

Tuning-up your furnace in Carol Stream improves its performance and ensures that the unit is ready to heat your home when the time comes.

An annual inspection and tune up of your furnace in Carol Stream is the best way to ensure that it works well during Chicagoland winters. Call Blue Frost Heating & Cooling to schedule a tune-up of your furnace.

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