As an athlete, you may take for granted your ability to run, jump, and otherwise perform as expected. You may never anticipate losing range of motion in your limbs and instead experiencing pain and stiffness due to an injury.

However, when an injury has robbed you of your ability to move normally, you may need to undergo treatment to regain your range of motion. By seeking care from an orthopedic surgeon Arlington Heights athletes like you may get back into competitive shape sooner and be on your way to a full recovery.

Before you seek out help from an orthopedic surgeon, Arlington Heights athletes may first wonder what you can expect from your treatment. Will you have to undergo extensive surgery for a torn ACL or dislocated joint, for example. How long will it take for you to recover and get back on the field or court to compete?

The treatment and subsequent recovery period will depend on the type of injury for which you are seeking help. Broken bones, for example, are typically more extensive and require a greater amount of recovery than a torn ligament or sprain. Similarly, a dislocated joint can take weeks longer to heal from than a simple strained muscle or contusion.

To help you get back into shape faster, your surgeon may recommend you undergo rehabilitative therapy after your surgery. This therapy can involve water walking, weight lifting, and yoga to help you regain mobility and flexibility. It can also ease pain you experience from your injuries.

When you want to know more about what kind of treatment you can anticipate receiving as an injured athlete, you can go online to the website for Gitelis Orthopedics. You can contact the orthopedic surgical center today to make an appointment for a consultation for your injury.

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