CFO advisory services in Morris County area really require a trust relationship. A CFO has a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to provide advice that will promote growth. Most CFO’s are dependable and will do their best to meet their fiduciary responsibility but doing it reliably is the issue. You have to have access to the CFO to be able to get the advice that you need and in some cases the firm falls short when it comes to availability. Reliability is one of the key factors in creating a trust relationship. You have to know that when you pick up the phone you can speak to a dedicated account manager that is focused on your business.

The Services

When you secure the services of a firm that offers CFO services you want to be sure that you can have:

  • Unlimited telephone conferencing
  • Strategic planning for your business
  • A dedicated account manager

You do not want to sign on with a firm that charges you “per call”. It can get expensive and can also discourage calling with questions that you need advice about. The right CFO advisory services will not charge you “per call” you will have the ability to call when you need some help. The goal is to have someone in your corner with the education and experience to help you plan your businesses future. Experience with strategic planning is a must. A lot of firms focus on “crisis management” activities which is fine but what happens when you do not have a crisis and you just want to make the right choices to grow your business?

Your business is important and it should be important enough to warrant a dedicated account manager that can help to ensure that you are getting all the services that you need. All of the services should be reliable and meet all of your business needs.

Don’t Settle for Less

If your CFO is not providing you with the CFO advisory services that you need/want, then you are with the wrong firm. This is your business and you should feel confident in the services that are being provided. If you do not think you are getting the best advice, it may be time to switch to a firm that can provide you with the advice you need to grow your business, come up with an actionable tax plan and help you make good fiscal choices for your company.

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