There are several ways to improve the exterior of a house such as replacing the roof or installing new windows, but one of the most obvious aspects of many homes is its siding. Houses use a variety of siding materials including wood planks, vinyl, and panels made from engineered wood. However, the best choice is probably fiber cement planks installed by an experienced siding contractor in Louisville KY. One reason for this is that these planks have a long service life. Many products made with fiber cement last for thirty years or more. Plus, fiber cement siding is resistant to fire and common pests like termites because the cement protects the cellulose fibers.

Fiber cement is a mixture of sand, cement, cellulose, proprietary fillers and water. The process begins by making a slurry of these items and placing thin layers on top of each other. One advantage to this method is the reduction of trapped air in the plank and another is the ability to add a texture to the board. The next step in the process is cutting and sizing and this is much easier when the board is still wet. After it has been shaped, the board will be placed in an autoclave for curing. This reduces the time it takes to make each board because the autoclave uses pressure and steam to remove the moisture and cure the cement. The final step is priming the product and the addition of paint for finished boards.

One reason to consider a siding contractor in Louisville KY is that replacing the siding often requires the removal of trim. For example, many windows have trim around them to protect the underlying frame. It may be possible to salvage this material, but it is usually a better option to have the contractor use a matching trim that is also made from fiber cement. This way, the whole structure is clad in a weather and pest resistant material, visit here for more information. Of course, it is possible to have a contractor cover the building with other siding and vinyl is one of the more popular options. Just keep in mind that vinyl does not get secured directly to the building. This material needs to float over the structure so that it does not warp when the building shifts.

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