The home’s HVAC unit is one of the costliest appliances to replace, which means that most homeowners only want to do it when it’s necessary. Below are several of the biggest reasons for unit replacement and Air Conditioning Repairs in Palm Springs CA.

An Aging System

Certified HVAC techs may recommend unit replacement because of a system’s age. The average unit lasts 10-15 years, and regular preventive maintenance can extend that lifespan significantly. However, if the unit is old, even the best service won’t make it run like it did when it was new. Eventually, a replacement will be the only sensible choice.


Technological advances mean that new HVAC units are more energy-efficient than those made just a few years ago. If the owner’s energy bills rise every summer, they should consider replacing the unit. According to industry experts, a newer and more efficient system can help a customer save 20-30% more energy every month.

Refrigerant Leaks

If the unit is low on coolant, it likely has a leak that must be repaired. However, with an older unit, the repairs may be costlier than expected. R-22 refrigerant, commonly called Freon, was used for years. However, in the recent past, its cost has risen sharply. If an R-22 unit develops a serious leak, it may cost about the same to replace the unit as it would make repairs.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

An HVAC system doesn’t just heat and cool the home; it manages the home’s indoor air quality as well. The system moves air through the home, manages humidity, and removes contaminants and allergens from the air. Poor indoor air quality can cause asthma attacks, allergies, and other respiratory issues. In these cases, replacement may be a better option than Air Conditioning Repairs in Palm Springs CA.

Complete System Failure

If the system needs frequent repairs, or one expensive, major fix, it may make financial sense to replace the system rather than repair it. If the home’s current HVAC unit can’t keep things cool anymore, call the pros at All Seasons Air Conditioning Plumbing & Heating Inc. to schedule service or request an estimate.

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