Winters in the Keystone state can be bitter, with average low temperatures in the cold 18- to 30-degree range. So, whether it is affordable heating fuel to residents or to business owners, you are assured to find all your burner service in Stroudsburg, PA.

Premium Fuels

Keep your home or business toasty warm with premium fuels from the quality burner service in Stroudsburg, PA, that delivers top-quality heating fuel to all areas in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Convenient Delivery

With automatic delivery options, you never worry about your tank going empty. Their services include:

  • Heating oil sales and delivery;
  • K-1 kerosene sales and delivery;
  • Wholesale gasoline;
  • Residential and commercial delivery service; and
  • Off-road diesel fuel.

Bundle these services with competitive pricing ensured by their adequate supply of over 100,000 gallons of heating fuel in reserve.

Service Area

With over 70 years of experience providing customers with quality service they have come to expect and rely on in northeastern Pennsylvania, the service area of this

burner service in Stroudsburg, PA, covers Northampton, Monroe and Pike Counties.

For information about W.S. Peeney, Inc. and to learn more about their services, click here. Don’t hesitate to contact W.S Penney, Inc. if you have any questions about their heating fuels or motor fuels. You may call them at (570) 421-9080 or email them at and their professional and experienced staff will promptly help your fuel needs. Be sure to ask about setting up a charge account.

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