Doing up your home interiors can be the most pleasing of tasks provided you are careful about the amount of money you spend. Every homeowner prides in presenting his tastes in color, themes and accents through the interior decoration he chooses for his home. Lock systems that are designed for residential purposes can contribute a great deal in completing the interiors of your home. Did you know that with the wide range of designer alarm and locking systems available in the market, you could easily add style to your home interiors without having to spend a fortune?

Here is a list of the different types of locks available in the market of home security solutions. Broadly, most types of locks used in residential buildings are opened by keys. Keyless locking systems are used mostly in garages and other external parts of the house. Here are the main types of keyed locks that you could use in your home.

Privacy Locks: The traditional and most easily used form of locks are the privacy locks. These are used on all types of doors that are both in the interior or the exterior of the house. These are key-controlled and involve an internal lock that has a small opening on the exterior for the key to enter.

Single Cylinder Deadbolts: These are commonly found in main doorways and all accessory openings to the house. Usually, in most models a thumb turn lock is used in the interior with a keyhole on the exterior side of the door. These are durable and you get to choose from a wide range of makes.

Double Cylinder Deadbolts: These are similar in their functioning to single cylinder locks, except for the fact that the keyhole opens on both sides of the door. Therefore, the door can be opened using a key from both sides. These are also used in exterior doors and are known for strength and durability.

Handle Sets: Each handle set has a latch and a single or double cylindered deadbolt built into it. When the handle is used normally, it only latches and does not lock. However, when you need to lock the door, you can do so using the key for the set. Most homeowners have found a great variety in designs available with these handle sets. Doors secured by decorative models of such handle sets are increasingly used to add finesses to the house interiors.

When looking to residential security services in Memphis, TN area, the homeowners must use different models to improve their home interiors.

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