When you get behind the wheel of your car, you never anticipate being targeted on the road. However, scam artists often target unsuspecting drivers by setting up vehicle accidents that result in their being injured.

These scammers then turn around and make malicious claims against your insurance policy. You can defend yourself from these scam artists and avoid expensive legal and financial liability by retaining a Chicago auto accident attorney to defend you.

Providing Evidence to the Police

Because of the frequency at which these scam artists target unsuspecting drivers, it can help you to install and use a dash cam in your vehicle. If you are involved in a wreck, you then have video evidence showing that the accuser caused the wreck and purposely made it impossible for you to avoid hitting his or her car.

Your lawyer can submit this evidence to the police, who can in turn find and charge the scam artist. Your attorney can also show it to your insurance company, as well as that of the accuser, to convince the adjuster to avoid paying out any claim that the scam artist files against you.

Your lawyer can also prevent you from being held criminally negligent for the accident. He or she can present facts of the wreck to the prosecutor and convince the prosecutor to drop the charges against you. Find out more about hiring a Chicago auto accident attorney online. Contact the Shea Law Group now.

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