While assisted living facilities are often considered for a loved one’s care and residence, a continuing care retirement community, also known as a CCRF or CCRC, offers several additional levels of care and assistance. CCRCs include a number of care options in one facility, such as independent living, assisted living, and nursing home care.

How CCRCs are Different

CCRCs are different from other care and housing options because they usually necessitate the signing of a long-term contract between the resident and the community. This continuum of housing enables the resident to experience different levels of care on-site.

Therefore, if you have been looking at assisted living homes in Fremont, NE, you can witness this type of housing solution in a CCRC facility as well as other kinds of care, including nursing home assistance. The idea of a CCRC is to make sure that a senior is taken care of throughout the rest of their life. If their condition worsens, then they can move on to a more involved area of the community.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance

Assisted living homes offer assistance with medication management and daily living tasks, such as bathing, dressing, or housekeeping. However, CCRC communities offer housing and nursing care in one location, and are covered by local, state, and federal regulations. Each part of the community is subject to separate reviews. For example, the housing can be regulated on the local level while assisted living homes may be regulated on the state level. The nursing home part of the community is usually governed by federal and state authorities.

If your loved one would rather receive care away from a campus, home health care is always an option as well. Home health care features various health care services that can be provided in the home and are generally used by people with a significant injury or illness. Home health services are designed to help a patient regain their independence through intermittent or part-time nursing care.

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