Tennessee workers contribute to the Social Security program every pay period, which allows them to gain access to benefits in the event that they become unable to work. This insurance provides them with monthly benefits similar to the Supplemental Security Income program. An SSDI Lawyer in Kingsport, TN helps these workers if they are unable to collect these benefits.

What is SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance is a program designed for workers who have become disabled. The program issues monthly benefits; the amount of which is based on the total number of years the worker has been employed. These benefits replace the wages that the worker is no longer able to obtain on their own through employment.

Who Qualifies for SSDI?

Individuals who have a past work history are the only applicants that qualify for these benefits. This is different from the SSI program, where individuals may have never worked at any time during their life due to their physical or mental disability.

How Do Disabled Individuals Apply for SSDI?

The worker must file an application through their local Social Security Administration office. They must include details about their condition, including when it started, and will need medical evidence to support their claim. This medical evidence must show that they are unable to work in any field, including their preferred industry.

This doesn’t include employment in which they could acquire the same wages. They must show that they cannot maintain any form of employment due to an accident or injury. A diagnosis of a mental disorder also qualifies one for these benefits.

What If the Worker is Denied?

If the worker is denied SSDI benefits, they have the opportunity to file an appeal. They may contact an attorney to file the appeal for them. This could help introduce new evidence if necessary.

Tennessee workers are entitled to SSDI benefits if they have a previous work history. These benefits are provided according to the length of time they were employed throughout their lives. They will receive these benefits according to the distribution schedule set forth by the SSA. Any workers who are denied these benefits can contact Dean Greer & Associates to get additional information about formal claims today.

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