Kids water slides are a mini-version of what is often called a wet roller coaster, a ride that is fast paced and exciting. Water slides come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from the simple and straight forward wet slide that many people have for their backyard pools to very sophisticated slides found in water parks around the world. Water slides provide hours of fun and excitement in backyards and theme parks.

A water slide is a lot like a roller coaster inasmuch as they both work on gravity, granted on a roller coaster the riders are propelled to the top of the ride mechanically whereas a water slide rider climbs to the top. Water slides are very much like a regular slide that you can find in almost any playground but the slide surface consists of a steady stream of water which reduces the friction between the rider and the slide, it is this decrease in friction that allows the rider to go down the slide much faster. Water slides come in as many variations as the designers can dream up; anything from a simple hill which provides a slow, controlled drop to much more aggressive rides full of twists and turns culminating in a drop into the pool.

Kids water slides are often placed next to an in-ground pool in the backyard of the home, the slide provides an interesting and exciting alternative to getting in the pool. These slides are almost identical to any playground slide but there is a water hose attachment which directs water to the top of the chute, the water supply for home versions is simply a convenient faucet and a length of garden hose.

Although kids water slides may provide a gentle method of getting in the pool, many of the large slides that are features in water parks are not for the faint hearted. These slides contain serpentine sluices with a myriad of twists and turns. Many of these more exotic slides are not open; they are a large tube which allows the riders to swing high up the walls as they shoot down the slide. Regardless of the size of the water slide they all exit in a pool, on the larger slides the rider will exit in a huge plume of water.

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