Homeowners have a huge investment to protect. If they are really smart, they will contact a Roofing contractors Oro Valley AZ for an annual roof inspection. This way they will be able to find any problems that develop with their roof before a large problem develops. High winds can loosen or blow off shingles and these will need to be repaired or replaced before the problem grows worse.

The inspector will closely check the flashing and sealant around vent pipes on the roof. These are areas where small leaks can get a start if the sealant cracks and lets even small amounts of water work its way under the protection of the roof shingles. If the home has a fireplace and chimney, the point where the chimney connects to the roof is another place that can allow leaks to get started.

If the home didn’t come with a rain gutter system installed the Roofing contractors Oro Valley AZ can provide the homeowner with some interesting options. They could install a traditional gutter system complete with screens to keep debris out of the gutters and a down spout to direct the rain water where the homeowner wants it to go. Another system consists of raised metal guides that can direct the rain to flow off the roof where you want it to go. Since this system doesn’t have any actual gutters, debris can get caught in it and block the water flow.

Roofers can install roof flashing or can repair any damaged flashing the roof already has. If you would like to have a skylight, most roofing companies can explain how you can have one installed. They can tell you all of the challenges and the solutions that go with those challenges. Many roofing companies are also able to offer vinyl siding installation and repairs.

Home owners should do their research and find the best full service roofing company to do business with. They never know when they will need a major roof repair or even a completely new roof installation. Once they have decided on the roofing company they want, they should get on their annual inspection and maintenance program. This is the best way to ensure your roof will be able to provide protection from the elements for many years. Click here for more information.

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