No matter what size school or organization you work with, there’s probably always the need for more money. There never seems to be enough money for all of the things today’s schools need; technology in the classrooms, enrichment programs, cultural arts, new text books only name a few. Most of these things aren’t covered by the school’s primary annual budget. So how do you pay for them? Most schools rely on parents to raise funds for these much needed items. However, parents today are busy and can’t spend their time doing countless fundraisers. It’s important to find a Fundraising Idea that will raise a good amount of money in one go.

The best fundraisers not only raise a lot of money but are easy to run as well. No one has the time to organize a huge fundraiser that is labor intensive, especially if it doesn’t net that much money. A good Fundraising Idea is one that appeals to a large range of people. The more people who are willing to participate, the more money you’ll be able to raise. A lot of organizations do magazine drives just for this reason; they offer a large selection that a large variety of people are interested in.

What other fundraisers will work for a large range of people? One thing that everyone likes to do is eat. The best Fundraising Idea is one that sells something consumable, something that people want and will want to order again next year. Otis Spunkmeyer offers cookie dough fundraisers, and who doesn’t love cookies? Your family and friends will be happy to place an order when you ask them if they want to buy cookies. What’s better than having cookie dough on hand in the freezer to pop in the oven when the mood strikes? What’s easier than a fundraiser that practically sells itself and then comes delivered in easy to distribute boxes? Not much.

No one likes the idea of endless fundraisers. However, if you offer a fundraiser that people will be happy to participate it while also making money and making your volunteers’ jobs easy, it’s a win-win-win situation for everyone.

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