A headstone is often chosen to mark a loved one’s final resting spot. Family members can choose a headstone that is customized, so it describes a person who passed away. The suggestions that follow will help a client choose Headstones in Connecticut.

View Examples And Compare Prices

To acquire information about types of headstones that can be purchased and some unique ways to customize one, a consumer should stop by a business that sells headstones and speaks to a consultant.

Sample headstones are on display and will help a client choose a style that they prefer. Headstones are constructed of marble, granite, and other popular materials. Before making a final decision, a customer can request a listing of prices. An additional fee made be charged if engravings are added to a stone.

Choose An Inscription And Picture

If someone was noted for the positive things they did throughout their lifetime, creating a unique description of prominent moments will be helpful. A description can be inscribed on the front, top, or sides of a headstone.

After choosing a letter style, a consumer should look through photographs of their loved one and choose one that they like the best. A personalized picture can be inscribed on a stone and will allow family members and friends to fondly remember their loved one when visiting a cemetery.

Adorn A Headstone With Additional Items

After a headstone is erected at a burial site, family members and close friends can stop by to view the stone and to memorialize a loved one. If an outdoor ceremony is going to be held, the person who is orchestrating the gathering can request that attendees bring decorations with them that can be placed next to a headstone.

Floral bouquets, wreaths, and lighting are some decorative items that can be added next to a stone and that will draw attention to a burial site. At the end of a ceremony, guests can take photographs of the headstone and the adornments. For additional support when choosing a headstone, Visit Shelley Bros Inc or another business that designs and sells Headstones in Connecticut.

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