There are always so many sticky, tricky situations to selling your home, regardless of where you live. The waiting to find a buyer is the worst. Here in Portland, OR, however, you can sell your house for cash and create your own terms for when you want to leave the house and get your money. It is quite possibly one the best programs for selling your house. This “buy my house for cash in Portland company offers the following.

Two Days to Two Years

Whoever heard of customizing a home sale with the moveout terms of your own choosing? Yet this “buy my house for cash in Portland” company does exactly that. Maybe you know you will downsize in two years or you just want to give yourself plenty of time to find a place to move to. Maybe you already bought a new home and you want to sell the old one in two days so that you will have cash to pay for the new house. Whatever the case, you can choose to sell and move anywhere from two days to two years, your choice.

Offers That Are on Par With the Current Fair Market Value of Your Home

This is not a real estate stunt. It’s a legitimate company that has been in Portland buying and selling homes for years. The offer you will receive on your home is on par with the fair market value. To find out more, contact PDX Renovations LLC.

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