Senior care or care for the elderly is the act of providing the special needs and requirements that are particular in case of senior citizens. Traditionally, it has been the responsibility of family members to take care of the senior members in the family, specially in an extended family system. However, changing lifestyles, diminishing family size, increase in the number of educated and working women who have to stay outside the home and the geographical dispersion of families has led to senior care now being provided by state or charitable institutions who offer such services as assisted living, adult day care, long term care, nursing homes, hospice care, and in Home care. The caregiver provides all levels of personal, social and domestic care appropriate to the individual client.

Most elderly people gradually lose functioning ability and require either additional assistance in the home or opt for a senior care facility. Senior care providers’ are dedicated to helping adults and their primary purpose is to enhance the quality of life of homebound adults and to provide time off, support and practical help to older adults and the physically challenged that are homebound, memory impaired, socially isolated, or depressed. This way they share the care-giving burden with family caregivers by offering support services and allows caregivers the opportunity to go on vacation or a business trip, being ensured that their elder has good quality temporary care. In most of the western world, senior care services are usually autonomous assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and continuing care retirement communities.

Senior care services also help older adults suffering from dementia and other medical impairments by assisting them with daily tasks, transportation to appointments, activities or shopping, thus providing them with a strong sense of belonging and comfort. They also help with pre-poured medicine, personal hygiene, nail care, hairdressing, picking out coordinated outfits, help with getting dressed or applying makeup. Some of the senior care services offer only specific services like, home making services that covers all the basics of looking after a home, including housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, garbage disposal, utilities checks, watering indoor plants, and such other services. They also give company in attending any function, family gathering or shopping excursion doctor’s appointment or errand so that the elderly will have the added security of someone to lean on. They also remind the senior adults with scheduled medications, opening medication containers, reading labels, etc.

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