Having a sprinkler system installed on residential property is an ideal way to make sure the home is surrounded by a lush, green yard. After installation of sprinklers, the same contractor can provide regular Lawn Maintenance in Spokane for customers who cannot do this amount of work or would prefer not to. Routine maintenance keeps the yard neat and tidy, and it also keeps the plants healthy.

With weekly mowing and other work performed by a contractor such as Spokane Pro-Care, the outdoor space is significantly enhanced and the household residents barely need to lift a finger. They can have the grass fertilized and reseeded as needed. They can get the lawn raked so that it continues to grow full and even.

Sprinkler Installation

Installation of a residential irrigation system is a big, labor-intensive job. A large number of specialized tools are needed. The workers dig trenches, and install all the stationary and moving parts. The design must be optimum for watering of the grass and other greenery while avoiding wasted water usage. As little water as possible should be seen hitting pavement. Contact us to get started on an estimate.

Winterizing the Sprinklers

The season’s Lawn Maintenance in Spokane wraps up sometime in autumn, once all the leaves and other tree debris has been raked up and disposed of. The technicians also winterize the sprinkler system, which is essential in a climate that experiences freezing temperatures during the winter that last long enough to cause the ground to freeze. Without winterizing, pipes and connections can break.

Raking in Autumn

Homeowners have different strategies for raking. Some wait until all the leaves have fallen and then spend an entire weekend raking. Others like to tackle this every week or so, keeping up with the task. When homeowners hire lawn service workers, typically prefer to stay on top of things so that the grass doesn’t die off, and so mold and fungal spores are minimized.

Reseeding the Lawn

Seeding a lawn can be done at any time of year, but it definitely should be completed in autumn if the grass is still somewhat thin. The new grass then will be ready for strong growth in early springtime.

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