A car is one of the largest investments many people make after their house. Since most people keep their vehicle for six or more years, having a garage will provide safety and convenience, not only for your car but for other possessions you need to store, and the garage builders in Chicago do garages to perfection.

Size Matters

A garage provides added space, increases the value of your house, and can be built to fit your needs. The options for your garage include:

  • Attached
  • Detached
  • One car
  • Two car
  • And more

Need a larger construction? No problem. Custom designs are available from the garage builders in Chicago. Not exactly sure what do you need? Click on the link below to discover the variety of options available.

Built to Perfection

A 28-point construction process ensures your garage is built to perfection. Separated into three categories, all facets of the construction are thoroughly covered. The three categories are:

  1. Concrete construction
  1. Wall construction
  1. Roof construction

The process provides that not even a nail is left out of the construction of your garage. No detail will be overlooked by the skilled and certified construction crew. But you are the final judge. If there is a rare oversight, The Garage Guys will make it right.

Visit the link below and browse the Photo Gallery of styles and sizes of buildings from which to choose. Don’t forget, you receive a free estimate at no obligation.

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