There is always a decision for a manager or owner to make when considering replacement components for an existing food or beverage production system. As pumps and other components of the sanitary processing industry have to meet requirements of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) as well as possibly the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and even the 3A standard for dairy products, they are a very specialized component.

One company that has a solid reputation in designing quality pumps for these types of applications is Murzan. While they do offer several pump types, they are best known for their pumps that can effectively move shear sensitive products as well as semi-liquids and suspended solids.

Some of the benefits of these Murzan pumps, aside from their already established approval with the regulatory agencies, include their solid, stainless steel construction and their durability.

Easy to Visually Inspect

One key consideration of Murzan pumps for any application and facility is the easy access to the wetted parts of the pump. As this allows for quick visual inspection to check for leaks, it saves time and also helps to reinforce top preventative maintenance standards for the facility.

With no need to shut down the pump for inspection, they are also time and cost-effective as well.

CIP Design

Clean in place or CIP design is always a critical consideration in any type of sanitary processing industry. With the ability to clean the pump with the rest of the system rather than having to dismantle the pump and clean it separately, it is much less time consuming and helps to increase uptime across the system.

Additionally, these pumps are designed with oil-free air valves and with the ability to run dry without causing damage to the pump components. Combining all these factors, it is no wonder that Murzan pumps are considered an ideal upgrade pump.

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