The roof is any home’s first defense against the elements, which means it is likely to take a beating over the course of its lifetime. Regular maintenance and quickly addressing any minor issues that come up can help prolong the lifespan of any type of roof. Homeowners should periodically check for common problems. Hiring a contractor to address any concerns can help to avoid having to replace a roof before its time.

Even serious water damage usually begins with just a small leak. When these go unnoticed, more damage accrues. Rotting wood is most noticeable early on from the outside of the home, but if the leak is bad enough water may begin to collect in the attic. This will manifest itself as wet insulation or a buildup of mildew. In extreme cases, water may even puddle on the attic floor. If the problem has progressed this far, it’s likely that the roof has suffered structural damage. It’s definitely time for Roof Repair in Bellevue WA.

Shingle roofs are particularly susceptible to leaks and resulting water damage. The most frequent place that leaks appear is on the flashing between the shingles. This is often the result of poor initial installation, but this can often be remedied without the need for complete replacement. Areas that are prone to flashing problems include chimneys, any vents or skylights, and slopes. If the flashing proves to be coming loose or breaking down around these points, it should be sealed as soon as possible to prevent damage to other areas of the home.

Those with roofs using asphalt shingles should check to ensure that they are not becoming worn away by the sun or weather. Signs of excessive wear appear as dark spots on the shingles. Granules may also appear below gutters. An asphalt shingle roof can easily be repaired through the addition of another layer of shingles. Homeowners noticing signs that they are in need of Roof Repair in Bellevue WA would do best to trust repairs to experienced contractors. Failing to properly repair or replace shingles can lead to worse problems down the road. Visit us online now to find out more about available options.

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