Few homeowners relish the idea of finding termites, bed bugs, or other insects in their homes. Unfortunately, most property owners will wind up dealing with undesirable insects at some point, and denying there is a problem will only make things worse. Instead, read on to find out about a few warning signs that it’s time to call a Pest Exterminator in Baltimore MD and take action as soon as it becomes clear that an infestation is occurring.

Visible Bugs

The most obvious sign that it’s time to hire an exterminator is simply seeing bugs crawling around inside the home. Oddly enough, a lot of homeowners who have noticed bed bugs, ants, or even termites just assume that, since there are only a few of them, the problem will somehow resolve itself. These bugs won’t just magically disappear on their own, so call a pest exterminator in Baltimore MD immediately.

Damage to the Home

Sometimes, the first sign of an infestation won’t be seeing the bugs themselves, but noticing the damage they are causing. This is often the case with termites since they tend to bore tunnels through wood instead of walking around on the floor where they could be seen. Homeowners who notice small piles of sawdust or find that their walls sound hollow when gently tapped on should call for termite extermination as soon as possible.

Bites or Stings

Pests like bed bugs are particularly insidious because they aren’t typically visible during the day and the signs of an infestation aren’t always easy to find until it has become quite severe. These kinds of pests do leave traces of their presence in the form of bites, though. Any reader who feels like he or she has been getting bitten in the middle of the night or has been noticing red marks in the morning should call to have the home evaluated by a pest control specialist.

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