For those starting to notice noises coming from their attic, there could be a wildlife problem. Animals such as rats, opossums, squirrels, and bats can make their way into a home through small openings. They can damage the property as well as harm family members. This is the reason that it is important to understand what to look for, so it is clear when it is time to call on Wild Removal Services Savannah GA.


While a homeowner might not come face to face with a critter in the attic, animal droppings are a clear indication that animals have been inside. These droppings might be tiny pellets from rats or larger droppings that look like something from a small dog. This could be from a raccoon or opossum.


If there are signs of attic insulation being chewed up or wires being damaged, these are indications that animals are the culprits. Watch for any new damage like this and address the issue as soon as possible. These are problems that need attention, so call on Wild Removal Services In Savannah GA about before there is more damage.


Any new sound in the attic could mean that there is a wildlife issue. However, a squeaking sound or even footsteps are even stronger indicators there is a problem. If the attic should be empty and any of these noises are heard, call on a wildlife removal professional right away.

Drafts and Openings

There can be small gaps in the roofline or siding that are not even visible from the ground. Bats and squirrels can get in these small gaps in the home with ease. Even if the openings are not visible, if there are times when residents can feel a draft inside, this means there could be an opportunity for critters to slip in. So, whether there is an indication of animals or not, it is a good idea to have these gaps looked into to avoid any issues down the road.

Anyone who has noticed any of these signs will want to call on pest control or wildlife removal company sooner rather than later. An infestation can not only cause property damage but also personal injury. Call Savannah Termite and Pest Control. The team is dedicated to helping the community live healthier lives by eliminating the threat of damage and disease in their homes and property. Visit Website for more information.

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