When it comes to mortgages, one of the worst things that can befall a first-time buyer is getting stuck with a lackluster or even bad mortgage lender. These are the people you’re trusting to not only help you get a mortgage loan, but also to help keep you up to speed with the process so you aren’t caught spinning your wheels. A bad mortgage lender means a bad time for you. So, what are the traits that make for a bad mortgage lender, and how can you spot them? If you’re looking for mortgage lenders in Charlotte NC, this list is for you. In no particular order, these are the worst traits for a mortgage lender to be caught having.

#1. Bad reputation. There have definitely been folks before you who have worked with the lender you’re considering, so use this to your advantage and look up the lender to see what people think of them. If they work for a larger lending company, then looking up that company’s reputation as well.
#2. Inattentive to your needs. A mortgage lender has a lot on their plate, but they’re usually trained to always make time for every one of their clients. If they didn’t think they could handle you, they probably wouldn’t have become your lender. So, if a mortgage lender is being inattentive, is constantly unavailable when you need their help, and doesn’t seem to be taking your case all that seriously, then it’s probably time that you take your business elsewhere.

#3. Inexperienced. If this describes your lender, then you need a new lender. Inexperience means that the lender in question does not have what it takes to not only set you up with the best mortgage loan possible, but also that they can’t help you keep pace with all of the jargon, because they don’t know it either. Inexperience can leave you in a bad spot, because you’re putting your trust in the lender to give you a good deal on a mortgage loan.

If you’re looking for a mortgage lender who does not have these three faults in how they do business, then contact LoanSimply, to set up an appointment today.

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