A vehicle’s transmission system is one of its most important, and its most structurally complicated, parts. These systems contain sophisticated hydraulics, computer control modules, and a wide variety of mechanical parts all engineered to work together to transfer the engine’s power to the vehicle’s wheels, so while they are usually built to last, there will eventually come a time when every transmission will start showing signs of wear. Read on to find out about a few of the warning signs that a Transmission in Arizona might be beginning to fail and be sure to seek out a transmission specialist as soon as possible to avoid the need for more costly repairs.

Fluid Leaks

One of the most obvious signs that a vehicle’s transmission is in need of attention is noticeable fluid leaks. These leaks often start out small, leaving drips of bright red, sweet-smelling fluid on the pavement after cars are parked, but they can quickly turn into a huge problem if they are not repaired immediately. Keep in mind that unlike a car’s oil system, its transmission system does not burn up fluid during normal use, so if the fluid is low, it’s almost always due to a leak somewhere in the system.

Strange Smells

Transmission fluid is essential for keeping all of this system’s moving parts well-lubricated, which is what prevents the unit from burning itself up. If the fluid is producing an unpleasant, burning odor, it could be a sign that the transmission itself is burning up and will need to be completely rebuilt. Do not ignore this smell, as the problem can go from pretty bad to much worse remarkably quickly.

Dipstick Inspection

It’s actually quite easy to check fluid levels and look for obvious signs of trouble with a vehicle’s Transmission in Arizona by performing a simple dipstick inspection. Just leave the vehicle on and pull the dipstick out, checking the fluid level as well as its color and smell. If the fluid smells burnt or looks brown in color, it may be a sign that it is no longer effectively dissipating the heat from the transmission and will need to be changed, so contact us for help immediately.

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