It is impossible to look at your foundation and determine that you need concrete foundation repair in Mississippi. This is because your foundation is buried several feet below ground. As such, the area around the foundation has to excavated away, just to get a good look at the foundation. This means that you have to rely on signs that the foundation is giving you that it is in need of repair. Here are some of the signs that you may need foundation repair.

Water is Leaking Into Your Basement or Crawl Space:

One of the easiest signs to spot, that may indicate you need foundation repair, is water leaking into your basement or crawl space. If your concrete foundation has a crack in it, water can seep through that crack, and into the space located on the other side of the wall. If you notice a decent amount of water seeping through the walls, you likely need concrete foundation repair.

Your Drywall is Suddenly Cracking:

Another sign that you may need concrete foundation repair in Mississippi is cracking drywall. Unfortunately, drywall can crack as it ages, so you need to pay attention to how much is cracking and when it occurs. If it is your foundation, the cracks will develop suddenly, and there will be many of them, particularly near the corners of a room. This happens when a concrete foundation begins to sink or shift.

You See Cracks Along the Bottom of Your Home’s Siding:

The last sign that you may need a foundation repair is cracks developing along the bottom of your siding. If cracks develop in a concrete foundation, they will continue to grow and spread. Eventually, they can reach the top of the foundation, which is where the bottom of the siding starts. If you notice crack along the bottom of the siding, they may extend down through the foundation.

If you suspect you may need foundation repair, a professional will need to come out and evaluate your home. They will do a thorough walk through and listen to the reasons why you think you have a foundation problem. If they agree, they will excavate around your home to get a better look at your foundation. If you need to hire a foundation repair professional, Click Here to learn more about Ewing and Ray Foundation Services.

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