A substantial portion of piping exists sight unseen underneath floorboards. You could likely save yourself from financial hardship and heartache by learning about common plumbing problems from a Wilmette plumbing company.


The average age of water pipes can vary from 40 to 70 years, so whether you’re a new or established homeowner, it’s important to know the age of your waterpipes. If you’re uncertain of the age of your water pipes or just want to check on the condition, an inspection by a Wilmette plumbing company could be a good idea for you.

Mature Trees

Tree roots can be hazardous to water line pipes. If you have mature trees on your property, the possibility of damage from blockage and clogs could exist. Having a plumber run a line through your pipes could be a good way to check for any damage.

Seasonal Change

Pipes are sensitive to extreme weather changes even if it’s only a 10-degree shift. Weather extremes can place harmful stress on pipes, and water line breaks can occur. Pipes can become brittle if water temperatures fall below 40 degrees or the ground freezes. You might want to schedule annual inspections of your water lines if you live in an area with seasonal weather.

Slow Drains and Leaks

A slow draining toilet or bathtub could mean your water or sewer line is clogged and a dripping faucet might indicate a water line leak. While you might be tempted to remedy these irritating issues with a quick fix, calling in an expect might be the wiser choice and save you from an expensive repair job.

Preventive Action

The effects of age, tree roots, seasonal change, and leaks can be harmful to pipes and water lines. If any of these conditions exist for you, a way to maintain your plumbing’s longevity may be with an inspection by a Wilmette plumbing company. Proactive steps could remedy a small problem before it grows into a bigger one.

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