When rats enter a home, they can place the occupants in danger. These rodents carry Leptospirosis and Rat Bite Fever, among other diseases. Homeowners who suspect their home has become infested with rats need to seek a Rats Exterminator as soon as they can. Unfortunately, seeing one rat in a home does not mean there are not many more presents. Rats often do not come out until night when a home is quiet. With the proper exterminating services, a home can be free of these dangerous rodents, so the occupants are protected.

A pest exterminator will first come out and inspect the home to determine what type of rats are present. It is important the exterminator knows what rats are being dealt with so the right treatment can be put in place. It is also important the exterminator finds where the rats are getting into the home so these areas can be properly sealed.

Extermination may involve a few different approaches. Bait stations may be put in place so the rats will consume the poison and take it back to their nests to feed their young. This can help to take care of all of the rats in a home, so they are eliminated.

The exterminator may also use large traps to destroy the rats. The vast majority of exterminators will use kill traps though live traps are also used in some circumstances. The exterminator will not only take care of the baits and traps but will also come back to collect the carcasses, so the home does not begin to smell.

It is important that homeowners do all they can to make sure rats will not be able to enter the home again. The exterminator will inform the homeowner of what steps need to be taken so the home can stay free of unwanted pests.

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