If you aren’t building a strong online presence for your business, you’re handing sales to your smartest competitors. While there are still some offline advertising strategies that pay off, you can’t ignore the impact that technology has had on the marketplace in every industry. Even if your products are sold exclusively in a local storefront, you need to pay attention to digital marketing In Corpus Christi.

If you don’t know how to get started, the following tips will help you out. Sometimes, taking the first baby step is all you need to see the value of marketing your business online.

Understand Keywords

Keywords are no longer stuffed into website content at the sacrifice of readability, but they are essential to getting your website, blog, and other online real estate in front of the right consumers. If you can figure out what words and phrases your ideal customers are using to find companies like yours online, you can use those keywords in your content to rank highly in search engine results. That’s the start of search engine optimization, which means free traffic to your website, blog, and social media accounts.

Claim Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business, otherwise known as GMB, is the business directory operated by Google. It’s used to populate maps that show businesses in select industries in a geographical area when prompted by searchers. If you don’t have your profile there yet, start today.

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