An owner should never ignore a sinking foundation. A building can literally fall apart at the seams and joints if attention isn’t given in a timely manner to correct the problem. Any Sinking Foundations in Naperville IL can be repaired very easily whenever they’re detected early. A structure will develop a variety of signs including cracks in the floors, drywall or plaster, Doors and windows that stick or seem to be misaligned, and trim or molding that appears to be out of place are only a few things that can be seen inside of a structure.

Is An Owner Responsible For Foundation Failure?

Many variables can happen, which will affect a home’s foundation. They can include:

     Drainage. If the drainage system in or around a home is not adequate, it can compact the soil and cause an upheaval of the foundation.

Transpiration. Tree roots can grow under a home’s foundation and eliminate the moisture in the soil. The lack of moisture will cause the foundation to settle. Evaporation, when the weather is hot and dry, creates the same problem with the soil as tree roots do.

Improper Building Site Preparation. Soil stabilization techniques must be properly performed before construction begins on a home. If this is not completed correctly, unexpected movement under the ground can cause Sinking Foundations in Naperville IL.

Can A Foundation Wall Be Properly Repaired By A Helical Pile System?

A terrific solution for foundations that are sinking is the use of a Helical Pile System. This pile system can take the weight of the home by repositioning the foundation as well as the walls and floor. This type of repair takes less time to complete, costs less than many other techniques on the market today, and will not disturb walkways or landscaping.

If the outside of your building is showing signs such as gaps around windows or doors, cracks in the foundation or bricks, pulling away from the fascia boards, or a tilted chimney, the first call should be made to Davis Concrete Correctors. They have years of outstanding experience in the industry and are ready to secure your home. For more information, please visit

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