Under normal circumstances, there is plenty of storage space around the house. With a special project coming up, that is about to change. While the need is not for any type of long term solution, some extra storage for a little while would be nice. This is where the concept of Mobile Shanties comes into play.

What are Mobile Shanties?
Shanties are structured that can be constructed quickly, serve a purpose, and then be dismantled and removed with relative ease. Rather than being a permanent structure, they can be set up when the need arises and then be removed once the necessity of extra space passes.

Construction Work Around the House
One application for these types of shanties has to do with home remodeling or renovation. Perhaps the home owner is having a room added to the home or expanding the patio in some manner. These tasks will take supplies and equipment. Rather than trying to shove everything in the garage, why not set up a temporary structure in the back yard? Doing so will make it possible to lock up the supplies at night and still have them readily available when the construction crew returns in the morning.

Getting Ready for a Backyard Wedding or Similar Event
The days leading up to a home wedding can be hectic. This is especially true if the back yard will be the site of the wedding. One approach involves having everything delivered and set up the morning of the event. A better approach is to have everything from the folding chairs to the tents delivered a day or two in advance. With the right size shanty on hand, all the things needed to set up for the event can be kept under lock and key until the time comes to arrange everything for the ceremony.

There are other situations that call for the rental of a shanty. Visit Modsny.com and see how others have put them to good use. From there, it will not be hard to see how renting one of these structures for temporary storage will make completing a project much easier.

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