While most homes and businesses in Tampa will complete routine pest management practices, there can be emergency situations that occur. Emergency pest control is highly recommended with specific types of infestations, particularly if there are individuals in the home with allergies, respiratory problems or when the infestation is significant and posing a health risk.

Finding pests in a home is never pleasant, and it is always a stressful situation. Ideally, at the first sign of any type of infestation by insects or rodents, emergency pest control should be a priority. Remember, if there are signs of pests, there is already a significant number in the home, and failure to treat the property as quickly as possible increases the extent of the treatment required.


Many people in Florida don’t realize that this state has the highest rate of termite infestation in buildings of all the other states. The combination of the year-round warm weather and the higher humidity and moisture levels create the perfect environment for these insects to thrive.

There are several different signs that a property requires emergency pest control to deal with a termite infestation. The most common signs include tube-like cavities in wood that are often covered over with a mud-like material. Additionally, swarms of termites can actually be seen around the home or the property particularly on warm spring and fall days. These are actually groups of males and females that are establishing new colonies.


Another common reason homeowners and renters in Tampa call for emergency pest control is the presence of ants in their homes. Ants are particularly invasive and will chew their way into food items and literally hide in cupboards, cooking items, pantries and throughout the home.

They will often centralize their activities around water sources such as sinks, pipes or even areas where they may be leaks, moisture seepage or even condensation. While not as much of a health hazard as roaches or other types of insects, they are certainly a problem and one that requires immediate treatment.


Small, silver and highly active, silverfish are a problem in this area as well. While they are less likely to infest food, they are particularly damaging to wood and paper items.

Additionally, silverfish are a draw for other predatory insects, including some of the many breeds of spiders that are problematic in this area. Calling for emergency pest control as soon as any of these insects are in the home is critical to limit damage.

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