Your car’s emission system is critical.  If it is not working properly, you can not only experience reduced engine performance, but might even have dangerous cabin air conditions.  However, cars often give no signs of emissions problems.  Some emissions problems trigger a check-engine light, but this can be intermittent and may not occur with all problems.  In fact, many people do not really pay attention to their emission systems unless they fail New Jersey’s emission’s inspection.  This state-mandated inspection requires your emissions system to meet certain specification in order for your car to pass inspection and be considered driveable.  Although the emission’s inspection can feel like a nuisance to those struggling with emissions issues, the goal of the emission’s inspection is not just to improve air quality, but also to ensure driver safety.

Because there are multiple components in an emissions system, the first part of emission repair is diagnosis.   An emissions tests examines your hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions, but does not tell you what is wrong with your system. The things that could possibly go wrong with your system include, but are not limited to: catalytic converter problems, sensor malfunctions, internal engine problems, leaks in the hoses and vacuums, ignition system malfunctions, fuel injector problems, ignition timing or idle speed problems, the carburetor’s air/fuel mix being at the wrong ratio or having an incorrectly adjusted float level, a defection EGR valve, a defective air injection system, faulty computer controls, restricted air intake systems, misfires, and malfunctions in the evaporative control system.

From diagnosis through repair completion, Frank’s Auto Repair has a transparent emission repair process.  We diagnosis your problem, tell you what needs to be fixed, provide you with financial estimates and a time-frame for the repairs.  After we complete your emissions repair, not only will you pass a smog check, but you will also notice improved performance.

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