Ending your marriage is more than just an emotional decision that ends in you and your spouse living separate lives. There are also legalities involved that require the intercession of family court.

To keep your case as free from complications and contention as possible, you need to hire an attorney who specializes in divorce law in Frederick. These reasons can convince you to retain an experienced legal representative who can work to get you the outcome that you need to move on with your life.

Settling Child Custody Disputes

One of the most contentious issues involved in divorces is settling the question of who gets custody of your minor children. Children above the age of 14 are typically allowed to decide with what parent they want to live. However, a judge must render a decision about custody for children younger than 14.

Your attorney can argue for why you should win shared or primary custody of your children. They can present evidence showing that you are the safest and most stable parent available to take custody of them.

Your lawyer can also argue for factors like child or spousal support, division of marital assets and protection from abuse orders if applicable. You avoid having to argue for yourself in court or speaking with your spouse and their attorney. You can learn more about hiring an attorney in divorce law at Russell & Heffner LLC.

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