The beauty of the southern tip of Vancouver Island inspires many things. It inspires many to seek out Oak Bay real estate so that they can call the beauty here home. There are some big benefits to living in Oak Bay, British Columbia, particularly if you enjoy being by the water, within a village with charm and personality as well as a commitment to keep things village-like and charming, rather than succumb to the big box store mentality of so many other communities.

Easy Access to Victoria

If you work in Victoria, the Oak Bay area is a great place to call home. Oak Bay is also home to a number of retirees. Many enjoy the short commute to opportunities for arts, culture, and shopping.

The Water

There’s something amazing for having the water either at your doorstep or practically at your doorstep. Many people seek out Oak Bay, BC for this reason and there are marinas if you have, or plan to purchase, a boat.


In addition to the easy commute to Victoria, Oak Bay has managed to keep its village-like charm, offering some easy amenities without losing personality. From libraries to community centres to local accommodations.

Hire a REALTOR® in Oak Bay, BC

Why hire an Oak Bay REALTOR®? You want to view Oak Bay real estate listings that match your criteria, and local real estate agents typically have an inside scoop and know how to get you in to the properties you’re interested in. In addition to getting you in to see properties that are worth considering, your REALTOR® will also do facilitate the negotiations for you, helping you get that Oak Bay, BC home.  Hiring the right person can save you time and effort as well as help you achieve your goals of buying real estate in Oak Bay, BC.

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