Insurance costs can drain you dry. If you don’t want to end up paying more than you should, here are a few insurance buying mistakes you’ll need to avoid:

Not knowing what you need

There are different types of coverage policies available but you’ll need to first buy any that’s required by your state, which is often liability insurance, says How Stuff Works. However, if you think you need more coverage, you might want to add any from the following as well: collision, comprehensive and personal injury protection coverage.

Zero preparation

Don’t dive right into shopping for car insurance quotes in Jacksonville with little to no preparation. Know your financial limitations first. How much can you afford in terms of monthly premiums? Make sure it won’t stretch your budget thin.

No research

Not all companies that offer car insurance quotes in Jacksonville are equal. They typically provide different packages, coverage policies and benefits. Know what these are. With solid research, you can easily pinpoint which ones are a good bet from the not-so-good picks.

Wrong provider

Finding the right policy also means finding a reputable insurance provider. Don’t just pick one at random or go for the first one you find. Neither is it all right to choose a provider simply because it’s the same one your friend uses. Take a long look at the company—it’s credentials and length of service in the field—to help you decide.

Not asking for deals

Some companies offer discounts and deals. But they won’t say so until you ask for them. It’s a good policy, then, to keep asking so you can take advantage of any.

Not minding your budget

Make sure those premiums are only about 6 percent of your monthly income to make room for monthly expenses in your budget. Anything more than that could put you in a financial bind in case of an emergency.

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