Many colleges require freshmen and even sophomores to live on campus, but Texas A&M University is not one of them. The sheer size of the student population would make that impossible. Freshmen arriving as college athletes on scholarship may want to live in a residence hall for at least the first year and then search for apartments near TAMU after that.

Becoming Roommates

After a year at school, athletes have made friends on the team and learned who they get along with the best. These individuals might decide to search for apartments near TAMU together and become roommates.

Several teammates might want to get apartments in the same complex, hopefully near each other. They keep each other motivated to stay on top of their studies while participating in demanding extracurricular activities.

Considering Floor Plans

The most affordable options in the better apartment communities typically are those with four and five bedrooms. Some communities intend for each resident to have a private bedroom and bathroom, which is very appealing to many young men and women.

Strength and Conditioning Activities

College athletes typically are encouraged to work on strength and conditioning outside of practice. It may be difficult to find the time since practice generally requires many hours every week. Moving to an apartment community with a 24-hour fitness center makes this especially easy since they don’t even have to leave home. They might like a place with a swimming pool so they can cross-train with an entirely different type of activity.

Features of one apartment community near campus can be seen at Sterling Northgate at

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