If you are a member of a team, event, organization or cause, advertising and promotion are important. One of the most effective ways to bring a spotlight to your specific event is to have t-shirts printed for giveaways as well as for those participating.  Having everyone wearing the t-shirt in advance of the event helps to build interest and anticipation.

It is essential to keep in mind that not all t shirt logo printing services are the same. One of the most efficient as well as the lowest priced options is to use screen printing services. This method of custom t-shirt design provides several benefits, including a lower cost and faster production speed than embroidery.

Cost and Speed

While some events are planned well in advance, others can be put together in a relatively short notice. For a team or organization, having t shirt logo printing company that can get the job done on budget and in time will be critical.

To help keep the costs of screen printing down, consider limiting the number of colors in the design of the logo. This doesn’t mean compromising on the look of the t-shirt as just one or two colors can often be very striking. However, even a multicolored logo using the screen printing process will be very reasonably priced.

Most of the top companies can complete even the very high volume orders in just a couple of days. Small orders are often printed on the day of the logo design submission and are ready for shipping the next day.


One of the really great things about t shirt logo printing is that it creates a t-shirt that is a virtual marketing tool. For organizations, teams, businesses and even charities, this provides a lot of options for future marketing.

With a cool design and great logo, your shirt is going to get a lot of wear. This is an invaluable asset to your organization, company or team and it will continue to be a marketing tool every time it is worn.

There is also no limit to the looks you want to create. If you can imagine it, draw it or describe it, the design can be added to your custom t-shirt. This is one of the unique benefits of screen printing. The process allows for full creative abilities within your budget and in your time frame.

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